कुलदीपको दैनिकी / Kuldeep's Daily Diary


Today, I got up at 9 O'clock in the morning. I read the book called "Sumnima" in which I'm planning to write my M.A. thesis, so I completed reading its Nepali version. It was only pre-reading for Sumnima. I had my lunch and I left home for college. I was busy to meet with singer Shiva Sunuwar on that day. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit him. I called him from his office but he was busy. I moved toward Bugbear to observe internet service and I took some material of ethnic from internet. Then, we had plan to meet with Mr. Shak Bahadur Buda Magar. He called me and we took some breakfast - butter naan, egg curry and curd. With full belly, we moved towards Thamel. After a while, we went to college because we had to take writing class. My friend Dinesh also did message from Baneswor. He was seeking a book in order to do his M.A. thesis. We all the students of college were taking writing class with Beerendra Pandey Sir. The class was really interesting. He was taking class by quoting instance of hamlet. Then he also taught us about Derrida, the latest philosophical giant, the great deconstructionist of our period. Mr. Pandey said that Derrida challenges the theory of tautology which believes in origin, center and determinacy of literary meaning. He interrogates erasing the world view. He said that you can say only near about the center but there is no precise center. Derrida also says that text is a self-sufficient entity. But text is untruth or indeterminacy of truth. About writing, he says statement is profound propose as well as asserted. But we raise issue of problem with such issues or we should problematize or theorize it. We should support the issues and we also add others allegation over it and we should add other things on it. In this way, your statement should be declarative.

Research is not summary of any Subject matter but it is the full fledged analysis of the statement. Then we should solve the problem of statement by proving it.He also says the crux idea of "Hamlet" is that he is warning us about attitude of procrastination.

Derrida's comment was on the theory of ontology which believes in origin, truth, center and the notion of logo centrism. After his lecture, we returned towards home. On the way we were talking about college's attitudes toward us and our reality and ability. But Dinesh jee was quite sad because his thesis title was undecided. He was feeling biased by the college teacher. We talked about the bad behavior of college administration towards the students. He was quite unhappy but I tried to convince him.Then he went his home and I took dinner with my family members. I watched TV and started to manage my room. I talked with my brother Naresh who did call me from Hong Kong. We were discussing about my thesis…


Today was the third day of thesis writing class. I got up late 10:00 O'clock I read Sumnima's Nepali Version since I was going to do thesis in BP Koirala's Sumnima. This thesis analysis was quite important because it is about racism. My friend Dinesh jee called me to go college. We did not take motorbike because there was not sufficient petrol due to Madhesi problem in Terai. I was quite because Dinesh's thesis title was not determined. But we reached college and Dr. Birendra pandey gave subject of thesis on "Satire in Guliver's travels and the lord of the flies". It was on comparative study on two books. Then we learned about proposal writing. Before class, Birendra Pandey used very wicked word to my friend Hari Chand while he interfered when Mr. Pandey was talking with Shak Bdr Buda. Then, we came back and went to Ratna Pustak Bhandar to purchase a new book. I bought Kiran Krishna's B.P. Koirala's life and times, and then returned home but it was difficult to come from Lagankhel to Dhapakhel because we did not get bus. We took Chapagaun's bus. I reached home at 9:00 O'clock and took dinner with my family members. I studied my books then I slept ……

06/02/2 007

Today I got up at 8: 00 o'clock. I read sumnima for my thesis. Then I had lunch. I talked with Ranbir Sunuwar from "kuits Boo" Chairman. Ranbir and Samir came to me in order to course with me about view footage and condition of interview with them. I talked about society and its activity. Ranbir Sunuwar said he heard about me both positive and negative aspects. He also talked with me in bantering tone, he has done thirty two years service in Nepal police. He told me that I wasn't born while he was employed in Nepal police. They requested me to give interview about language that Sunuwar welfare society Lalitpur district committee was going to launch.

Then I went to college for thesis writing class. I took class with Dr Birendra Pandey. The class was very interesting and he taught us as a role plat teacher. He talked about critical thinking. He also did pour his view in the political problem that is going on in Terai. He said that all the problem of Terai is launched by CTA and king Gyanendra. His logic was that America doesn't want to see peace in Nepal. He wanted to make Nepal like Afghanistan. He wanted to store weapons in Nepal in order to threat china. This was the very much power logic about current political system in Nepal. He is really an interesting teacher.

On the way from college I also talked with my friend Dinesh K. Shrestha. We discussed about the recent political activities in Nepal, regarding Terai. He opined that Terai's act is going to take a violent course. Behind the curtain, it's a grand design of Indian leader's esp. BJP and Congress I along with King Gyanendra, in order to add the heavy burden to the Nation. With this statement he also added that a group of regressive force in Nepali congress is in favor of king Gyanendra. With his statement I also added that the political parties consensus to fulfill the demand of Madhesi people is reliable but they did not try to solve problem in practice. That's the paramounty opinion. This means that they weren't serious to the problem. This was our conversation on the way to home. We also talked about college's act upon us and Dr Birendra Pandey's attitude in class. We were not satisfied with college's behavior. Because I and Dinesh, we the two students who has been protesting college's administration from the beginning in its undue affairs and were against the ill culture of flattery.

Finally, I talked on telephone with chairman of Lalitpur District Committee Sunuwar welfare society about co ordination of interview. Then I also called to Shanta Sunuwar in Bhaisepati. After that, I studied writing book, critical thinking and critical reading. I also talked with Dr Lal Rapacha about thesis material of "Across" paper . He is supporting me to write thesis. He is one of the inspiring person in my study. Because I was very busy and I don't like working process of the Sunward Welfare Society, I was crestfallen. 



Today I got up and I read news paper "the Kathmandu post." I read article of Abhi Subedi and about Shilpa Shetty because I am really curious about Shilpa shetty since she has been implicated in racial charge in London in the celebrity BIG BROTHER SHOW launched by channel – 4. Then I went to attend the meeting of "Sunuwar Welfare Society" Lalitpur district committee. Then we talked about video Patrika launched by "Kuint Boo Samaj", I was proposed to give interview to that video newspaper. Then I went to college with Dinesh shrestha, a friend of mine from home to college. We were talking about the writing class in college especially for thesis of Master's Degree. In today's class, Beerendra sir talked about politics. He said, India, the wicked country for Nepal. After class, due to lack up patrol we did not have motorbike. So, we also went to Lal Rapacha to return thesis material. Then we came back by bus. We did not get bus form Lagankhel and we came home on foot. On the way, Mr. Dinesh said," I'm hopefully pessimistic about my nation's future".

I also added to him that there is no security of life due lack of opportunities because the nation is facing a fluid situation. We were very much worried about our future because we have expensed a large amount - time, labor, money and what we had, in our education. We don't know what happens tomorrow. Back to home, I watched TV and then went to mother's room to talk on family matters. She discussed with me about my marriage. We were talking that of bride for me. We talked about Atit Dai's daughter that we had discussed before. She also discussed about her. Sometimes I spent time with my parents in their room with some special discussions about family. It was my habit to have good talk with them. I was quite unhappy that I did not have money for thesis writing. Mostly I was worried about my life and my future that every human fears about. The time I've spent for making my house was really a precious time to build my career. However, I'm proud; I've contributed much for my family. I did hard effort to establish myself in Kathmandu. My parents, my sister and my brother's, my sister in law and my "Indra” and my sister in law "Sarmila" were the element of inspiring person to read M.A. course. This course was really challenging course but now after its completion, I am feeling like a winning bird. I am also much worried about my family member's personality.

Sometimes, I thought about Maila Dai's mother in law, a woman of sound harmony. I did not have any good condition, personally as well as globally. Because the state is in the declining condition, it's heart-rending to talk about brutal violence in Terai region. This nation is the nation, like that of ghost. Nobody has authentic authority about the mushrooming political parties, people are vexed in dilemma. Eight party alliance including Maoist insurgency could reach in crucial decision. There is no good way of hope to uplift Nepal. It was difficult to fulfill general necessity. Daily life was frustrating; on the way to college we had to cross the dizzying queue in front of the petrol pump. There might be about 100-150 motor cars on the line. There isn't sufficient gas to cook, kerosene and salt. Like every innocent Nepali, I was still hoping for peace and the end of violence, after the eleven years bloodshed in Nepal. Maoist insurgency stopped, but new Jwola Shigh and Jay Krishna Gupta's party Jana Tantrik Tarai Muktimorcha have just emerged. By seeing all there activities, I think that there must be a unseen hero in the back side. In this situation, Government wants to escape from reality by announcing false news and false interpretation of their one work. Knowingly they are pushing up to the king Gyanendra and his psychopants. An army major suspended due to his false speech to the soldier in west. He warned that he could not bear the brutal revolution in Terai. This speech was delivered on 5th Feb 2007. It was not good speech. This speech was a sign of army coup in Nepal. This statement was quoted by Dilip Shamser Rana, the acting chief of Nepal army western divisional head quarters. This is also a sign of suppression from Royalist, still in the sense of Royalist Madhesi people fighting for proportional representation in Nepal according to demography. Terai's demography is thirty two percent of Nepal's population to make passive to the Terai's agitation, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala delivered speech to Nepalese people but his speech was entirely pompous and it could not give any solace to the Demand of Madhesi people. So, his address was worthless. But this address was given by the prime minister as the head of Nation. About this speech, people became furious with Government. Yet they started to increase their violence with burning effigy of Prime minister and they demanded his resignation. Government of Seven party alliances was totally failure. In Terai unrest, there is benefit for the people who wanted to fish in murky water. Royalists are promoting the violence from the back side. Parallel situation had taken place in Afghanistan ten year ago. Present face of Nepal clearly shows its gloomy face that will take shape in next 5 years. "Nepal's politics is manhandled by a foreign country and this transition period is the most complex period to handle with care", so did people opine sipping tea in the teashop and standing in the roadways.


Today, I was roaming with free mind without any tension. I got up late at 11 A.M. I had lunch then I went to Jorpati (Indra vauju's maiti). I talked with Aama and maila in Jorpati. I was curious about her health and I talked with her. I met all my family member's along with Ramdal and Kaushila. Then I came back with Keshav (Saila) up to Baneswor. I dropped him there. After that I went to my former reading school in Tripadma Vidhyasram in Pulchoak to meet my best English teacher Tika Timilsina. Unluckily, I was unable to meet him. I met Madhav Pandey, the Principal of Tripadma School. He did unwanted response! Then I went to Pawan Prakirti English secondary school Emadole Lalitpur, the school were I was once an English teacher. As I reached there, the students greeted me with pride, I felt elated. They really liked me, but they showed a kind of hesitation to meet and greet me, maybe the result of my long absence. Then I met the principal sir, Uttar Kumar Rai. We talked about the current educational system in Nepal. We agreed that education system and police administration should be fair otherwise nation will go hazard. Corrupt people ruin education in Nepal; elsewhere this is the real fact.


We also talked about the current politicians of Nepal. We also agreed that the Madeshi people's right forum should not run their protest, otherwise it would be alleged that they are regulated by Royalists movement. The Prime minister addressed to the Nepali people saying that he is ready to give there demand. He had addressed proportional representation federal structure. We support and agree with the issue addressed by the prime minister to amend the constitution to ensure a federal structure and provide former constituencies in the Terai district based on population as written in the commitment paper. Before this, the prime minister's address has been rejected by the protesters saying "pompous address". Leaders are not ready to give their demand. But due to the ongoing unrest in Terai, about nineteen protesters died and many others injured during the clash between the police and the protesters. The President of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum said that they had stopped the violence and any kinds of political protest and strike. He also demanded resignation of home minister (Krishna Prasad Sitauula) accusing him as a murderer. While addressing, general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal(CPN-UML), the president of Maoist Prachanda gently smiling, were sitting beside PM. A nation's politics cannot take safe turn until its independent, and so is the case of Nepal. Unfortunate is that Nepal's buffer state and land locked country. Political air always comes from south. South is the key of politics for Nepal. They don't want change in Nepal. They want status – quo in Nepal. It's already been ten months and Rayamajhi commission is not taking action. It has no guts to punish sycophants of Royalists. Even the government doesn't implement malice commission of 1989. So, democracy in Nepal is only for Royalists and for the leaders who has been ravaging this nation since the beginning. And to our dismay, we have a prime minister (Girija Prasad Koirala) who once said that he would prefer building road rather than widening the rays of education. 
Dr Beerendra Pandey logics that the reason of our backwardness is the outcome of our rotten educational system. NO seriousness in our political leaders, still they are hungry of power, pelf and prosperity. Talking of past rulers, even King Beerendra had no sincerity than what we have for us and backward people. Only the problem is of sympathy and apathy. In writing class, Beerendra sir talked about the connection between sympathy and apathy. Sympathy is connected with heart whereas brain's connection is to the pattern of thought.

First you feel with heart then you will think about it. The period of transition is much sensitive. I walk through here and there but here is not guarantee for life. Anytime, anything can happen. I have seen many strikes and so many murder cases. There is a kind of system to go with mass if something happened like killing and murdering it's like eating dinner at night. The shortage of petrol compelled me to stop driving motorbike. The petrol pump has been seized in the charge of mixing excessive kerosene in petrol. This is like fishing in murky water. Government has fined three millions Rupees for this. This pump has given compensation to all costumers. I heard news, "if America attacks Iran, it'll be a great hazard to the world" tan institute discloses a report from London. And again, Iran also warned America that if U.S.A. happens to attack Iran It will attack U.S.A. wherever their troops are. In this way, there are threats and alarms globally, people are carrying this trauma. There is trauma in every footstep. Life and the right to liberty have been threatened.

First time in its history, the Madhesi people are raising voice for their rights and self-decision. And the government has pledged to fulfill their demands. For their demands to get fulfilled they've come to the street and sadly, about 38 people have already been martyrs. Over hundred people have injured in the protest that was started from 19th January, 2007. Nice, it was stopped in 9th February, 2007 after the 2nd address of the Prime Minister Girija Prashad Koirala with the agreement among eight parties. This must be national history for Nepal for the first time.


Today, I got up at 9:00 o'clock. I read my writing book especially for M A. English. Dr. Beerendra Panday has taught about analysis in writing class. Because of petrol crisis of Tarai unrest I used to go on foot for several days. I was called early than other day by Panday sir for secondary materials. I went quite early and I met him then we talked about my thesis. He suggested me to do thesis on Sumnima on the topic of theme politic as of ethnicity in B.P. Koirala's Sumnima. But he said clearly that he doesn't know nothing about Sumnima. Daily we are very problem in come back home especially from Lagankhel. But it is easy to come from Ratna Park to but very difficult to from Lagankhel. Sometimes I should walk on foot with my friend. 


The Terai unrest has just stopped. And then Upendra Yadav chairman of Janadhikar forum, asked his community to stopped protestor ten days. This seems that he is still not satisfied with now of government. So he put only ten days for looking task government. There were about 330 members in interim constituent and government pledged to amend interim constituent assembly according to people's representation and according to people's population. The condition of capital city is still not conducive. Personally I am not happy myself because I could not manage money for writing thesis. Collage has been asking money for me day- to- day. I was virtually disturbed by social activities. Social member's called me day-to-day. My thesis writing has been disturbed so I have been thinking to resign in the post of secretary from Sunuwar welfare society Lalitpur district committee. I was waiting for calling from Hong Kong about money.


Today, I got up late at 9 A.M. I read Sumnima which was virtually interesting. I found it was a sexy and vulgar novel. I had lunch and went to college. On the way, I visited MR vulgar pal of thesis. I took some materials from him. Then I went to college to take writing class with DR Beerendra Pandey. It was really interesting class since he taught us the way of analyzing stories with the example of Kate Chopin's "The story of an hour". I learned to break down a story and to elaborate its paragraph. After class, I came back home straight. I watched TV for a while and went to gossip with my mother in her room. We talked for long time. Then I talked with Naresh Dai who did phone me from Hong Kong. I gave him a name to the magazine which we were taking in mind since long. I gave him the name of Srijana, Rupander, and Bhawana. Then I studied some writing topics, and then slept.


Today I got up at 9.00 O'clock. I read my Thesis book "Sumnima". Then I took lunch with my mother as usual. I played badminton with my cousin Rajeshwori. Exhausted, and I slept for an hour. As I got up I remembered that today was 12th anniversary of Nepal communist party Maoists. They had announced that Prachanda will deliver speech in the open ground of Tudikhel Loktantrik Chowk. Suddenly I switched on radio Kantipur FM. Prachanda was delivering speech. It was his first openly public speech in history after hidden life of 25 years. I was curious to listen his wonderful speech in the history of Nepal. He was very constant and controlled. He stated that his party would not confiscate rich people's property but his party is entirely against the corruption and would like to uproot the net of corruption. He also said that his party's slogan has been cheated by other parties because they were raising the issues of terrorists in the same plagiarized slogan. He also said that his party's central member's property will not be with them. That is only his party raising issues of indigenous people, Madhesi untouchables, women and exploited groups. But he said that his party is always with Madhesis people. He accused political leaders of being like government lawyers with false logic towards the people, but his party is totally logical and practical in work. He further declared that his party gravely apologizes for the blatant blunder of mad explosion and Rajbiraj firing case. He stated human mistake is general thing but I want to apologize with commitment of not repeating it next time. He also showed modality of development in electricity as well as in east to west trough Mahabharata Parbat (range). His speech reminds me of Martin Luther king who gave an impressive speech in 1963 against the racial discrimination in America. Martin's speech is remarkable for the powerful words and its repetitive quality. Here, Maoist chief Prachanda's speech was directly telecasted by Kantipur television and Kantipur FM. I respect him as a historical leader in Nepal whose doings would certainly bring change in future.

Later on I met my friend Dinesh and we talked about his speech. He also said that he would give vote for Maoist since he wanted Maoist to come fore in national politics and was highly impressed by his speech. He said it was really emotional that brings tears in the eyes of the listeners.
Prachanda's speech touched us both!


People lack something on them in practical life. As to the concern of Nepal's education, there is no conducive environment in college and in university. All the students are not equally brilliant but there is inequality in class even between two students. But among them, student's individual sympathy is inevitable. So if a teacher doesn’t encourage over weak students, the student's ability and enthusiam working hard declines gradually. Even intellectuals do pay no heed to such concerns of students. English is such a culture which is the mixture of both good and bad culture. On the one hand, it gives importance to sex and money irrespective of humanitarian aspects. Civilization is bogus in the case of sex and money in a large extent. On the other hand, various aspects of individual life are meritous of them. In regard to teaching and education, they understand student's psychology and they behave according to their wishes. But in Nepal, such factors are never focused. Student's ability never gets priority rather, the talents and only the capable are encouraged. They never let the weak improve. Most of our teachers and intellectuals are foreign degree holders however they never practice and implement their good experience to raise weak students. What they have in head is merely earning money, never they are bothered changing the rotten system. Great role, teacher's behavior and attitude play in shaping student's life. For instance, if a teacher harasses a good student by saying bad, he'll be so discouraged that he starts hatred to the subject and the teacher. And may quit the study. In order to build a good society, we should improve our educational system and police administration in the National level. If these two fields are improved and seriously supervision, the entire nation starts to head in the road to advancement. And the will be called a nation of perfect humanity. But to our dismay, we have habit of adopting bad hinges and culture from several countries, even from India and westerners. The copy-cat system of Bihari education and politics, the money minded attitude and sexual abuses of American culture are the harming lubricants that have polluted our entire system. Above all, the education system and the police administration are the chief area to build a good society because these are fundamental things to construct good social phenomenon. People learn from such system in society. But if there is negative social formation in society that would be hell. As far as social activities are concerned, there are many instances. There is no civilized relation among family and neighbors. The imbalance in between education and property cause the social and family perversions. If people have property without education that is a peril for society. Education gets no worthy space in such society and starts social chaos n social fragmentation.


Today I got up early at 5.30 A.M. First, I completed reading the Nepali version of 'Sumnima'. First time in my life, I saw snow in Kathmandu valley. I called my mother and she came out to see it. The Radio and Television broadcasted that it was after 61 years, snow fell in Kathmandu. I was not willing to go to college but Dinesh insisted me. Then we went college but Dr Beerendra Pandey did not take class because there were few students. I was planning to go to T.U. to know about the scholarship of one lakh rupees on thesis. My friend Yogesh informed about it. The Chairman of Lalitpur district SUNUWAR WELFARE SOCIETY called me to participate in "Ranke Julus" (Flame fire progression) in Lagankhel at 6.30 in the evening. But I told him that I wouldn't come because my class finishes at 06.30. He requested me to send my brother Rajan. He also informed me that there was valley banda program organized by Nepal indigenous federation. This valley banda program was organized to pressurize the government by indigenous group for the amendment of Interim constitution. It's the nuance of racial war in Nepal since several years. At college, we stayed talking with friends, planning to enjoy whisky, but they postponed it. We returned back and saw "rake jujus" in Kumaripati. I came at home and I started to do my work according to my routine. I was reading Manjushree thapa's "Forgot Kathmandu", where mentioned Sunward is mentioned as lower caste. I thought, it's a blatant error. In the book, one of the Sunuwar used to carry load in the journey of Jumla."Forget Kathmandu" a very nice portrayal of Nepal's history, was banned during King's rule. The book talks about Sunuwar in Pg.174. Sad to say, such a historical book has misinterpreted about SUNUWAR people in Nepal. Even expert sociologists and others.
It's Valentine's Day and there was a mesmerizing snow fall in Kathmandu.


Today I got up according to my routine but unfortunately I slept again. I got up and I had lunch went to participate in Valley Banda program organized by Nepal indigenous federation. Syham sir called me and I went to Satdobato to make "valley banda program" successful. I reached Satdobato and participated there for about three hours. The country is facing the period of transition. About 59 indigenous communities have been demanding their rights. Nepal indigenous federation have proposed three demands "sanghiya loktantrik ganatantra", (full pledged democratic republic). Taking benefit of the flux situation, some hooligans participated in Gang fights. I decided to go to Ratnapark after 2: 00 P.M. As I reached Ratna Park, I heard some slogans of NIFIN.
While hearing NIFIN's slogans, there were also other young men who were getting angry with NIFIN because it would not provide money for them. It was their dissatisfaction. Nepal indigenous federation has clear cut demand that freedom of ethno language, Right for self decision proportional representation, election area division according to caste. So they raise slogan against Hinduism sanghiya loktantrik ganatantra Jindabad, Interim sambidhan sambodhan gar………………………….

In the process of giving speech, one of the members of struggle committee of NIFIN said, "Now, this is time to get our rights but if the government doesn't fulfill our demand, we should take violent action against it". He also did forget to attack against home minister Krisna Prasad Sitaula from Congress that he had killed about 38 people in Terai . What Tarai people were doing was Right. They also declared of Nepal Banda on Falgun 16 and appealed people for its success. There was no stability because it was full transition period in Nepal to degrade the king from his position. Nobody can assume how his life is secured. The Coalition government has imposed interim constituent but it was still pendulum because it did not address people of Nepal who are in the corner. There were a lot of community/ group within Nepal like davit indigenous, women striving for their rights because those were the people who were the real victim of Royal exploitation. On the one hand, there was no constitution and on the other hand people were demanding their rights. There was political trauma among the people since anything would happen at any time? Uncertainty reigns everywhere!


Today, I read my book according to routine. But I left home at 10.30 am to meet Prakash Thamsuhang in order to talk about patrika sahitya srijanshil that was going to publish by srijanshil sahitya samaj Hong Kong. I was a supposed editor and Prakash, the guest editor. Then I bought some books from Ratna pustak bhandar for thesis. After that, I went to T.U. but it was closed since the entire country was enjoying "Shivaratri". Back home, I had some breakfast and went to meet one of my neighbor, whom I call Mama ( Mohan Binod Aryal). We went out of room; meanwhile we saw some diplomatic jeeps on the way. I told him that there is lot of CD written jeeps (Vehicles) on the way, may be this is consequence of Transition.

There were a lot of CD vehicles on the way, the symbol of political turmoil. There were countless bandas, strikes, protests and so on. Weather is so cold because snow is falling after the period of sixty two years in Kathmandu valley. Political agitation is in high peak-point. In Kathmandu, every hall, every college is occupied in order to conduct program.


Today, I moved toward talchikhel to participate in a meeting. We discussed about language-class and about vehicle purchase. There were so many discussions about society's activities. Then I went to bishwo bhasa campus to participate in a training program of Sunuwar loktantrik sangha, CPN (UMC) supported institutions. I was planning to collect materials for different sources for thesis writing. I was eager to participate in every program. So, I went there to observe program. Every party was rushing with the voice of interim political parties were unable to take ultimate decision because it was not easy to knock down the 238 years old system. It has already been two years that the king's government and Rayamaji commission also submitted the culprits' report to government but it was unable to step forward for rigorous punishment. This means that there is still the trace of atrocities in the country, therefore they are playing very good role to operate terrorism from the back side of curtain. There are so many obstacles in front of government. This coalition government is facing very hard condition. But still, government is not ready to give rights in pragmatic. I also attended political tiring though I didn't have any attention toward politics. But I was compelled to take part on it. Because of the transition period, there were several strikes in the nation. Every incident is resolved through strikes. Southern and westerns are taking advantage of this transition period. Nepal hasn't been taking its own decision because it was run by foreign forces. The Coward government has been unable to punish the people who have participated in the royal government. Insurgency once born never finishes. Several anti- government acts have emerged in the nation. Not a single day goes in peace. Today, ammunition management of Maoist has been concluded. Maoist insurgents are about to participate in the government. Maoist's leader expressed that Maoists never hesitate to participate in government since one of their ever raised demand is the election of constituent assembly.This is plausible to perform nation required demand and better way to solve national problem.


On 18 Feb. 2007, I went TU with my brother Rajan to collect materials of Thesis. I'm doing thesis on politics of ethnicity in B P Koirala's Sumnima. Today was the last deadline of Madhesi Janadhiikar Forum's. Forum had halted its program to protest for ten days after PM Garcia Prasad Koirala's address. It had given ten day's deadline to form conductive environment for dialogue. As the deadline completed, MJRF threatened to start blockade inside capital city, Katmandu, and it published schedule of protest in Terai. But the government has decided to amend interim constitution along with eight party alliances. There were a lot of vehicles on queue in order to fill petrol and diesel. Eight party alliances has decided to amend on four subjects of national issues- federal nationalism, proportional, representation, council of ministers to nominate distinguished personalities in C.A, constituency delimitation commission.

Besides, I thought Nepal has been facing great injuries for long time and it is still going to face great conflict because King Gyanendra had delivered speech addressing his old steps of 15 months government were taken as per the will and welfare of Nepali people. He also showed his appropriate steps of his actions. This means that he is still in power. This is political failure of parties in the nation. Protests have started on the issue ".

In the Kathmandu post, I read news that Bishes of his address. I came to know this news through news paper "THE KATHMANDU POST" Garcia Prasad's address took place on the occasion of 5th democracy day. In Tribhuwan University Koirala had said "Nepal is a man sleeping between two elephants. Gyanendra's has not appointed DIN since two years and all of Master Level Exam has been delayed. M.A.1st year exam has been postponed. Nation is in very bad condition. Maoists' ammunition cantonment has been decided according to the agreement between SPA and UN commissioner with Maoists, Maoists would involve in coalition government after cantonment and ammunition management. But the news has been released that Maoist would not involve in government as long as UN proves they were non combatants. These are the nuance of Maoist's unwillingness to take part in coalition government.

I heard Image F.M., one of the astronauts as well as Shaman Kedar Baral of Okhaldhunga district, predicted the impossibilty of the election of constituent assembly by mid June. He said that Maoists would disintegrate in two factions within May 2007. He also said that there is possibility of Surya Bahadur Thapa becoming a prime minister after Garcia Prasad Koirala because G.P. Koirala is recently in the P.M.'s post. He also said that there is no leader who wants to develop Nepal. His claim was that Maoist would go back underground as soon as possible. They are hesitating to participate in coalition government and at the same, Miss Nepal beauty pageant is going to be conducted very soon. Miss Nepal beauty pageant committee has been bearing various bad comments. Society has been disintegrated.

Nepali Society has been leaded by bad figures. It's not in the hand of good persons. In this transition period, they have not good vision to hold society. Only Far sighted and visionairies can form a just and peaceful society. IT's appropriate time to form such society. However, it would be our good fate to get any such visionaries as leaders. In this most sensitive period in the history of Nepal. Society has been being held by vigilantes. Injustice and irregularities has been taken place in the society. In so doing, I thought, Nepal is heading towards darkness. No one can feel secure!


As time went on, political situation was degrading everyday. It has been worsening day by day. I went to college earlier because I have to go to T.U. and other places for my secondary materials. I went to Pilgrim's Books store in Thamel from T.U. I brought book called "Spirit possession in the Nepal Himalayans" by John T Hitchcock. I stayed in cyber café to refresh my mind. I had chatting with several friends. Then I went to college where Dr. Birendra Pandey gave us the background of partition of India and Pakistan. The class was really fantastic. He said, historically India was ruled by Muslims for thousand years. When the Europeans entered into India in the 16th century, British people were so uncivilized whereas Indians or Hindus were found more civilized. As a result, British did not suppress more because they had inferior complex.

About British and Indians

He said that in many ways, Christians and Hindus are similar but the difference is that Christian believes in only one god but Hindus have multiple gods. Even the Gandhi's non-violence philosophy was adopted from Christian. He is in favor of forgiveness. In so doing, English people could not press as that they do with Africans. English people even do not have clear cut ideas about partition of India. Anyway, they would like to leave India to Hindus. Indian people are too clever because they have adopted idea of 'Chanakya'.

Then I came home, and I talked with Naresh Dai. We finally determined to publish magazine. We decided to publish half yearly in the name of Srijansil Sahitya Samaj Hong Kong. I also talked with Santa Sunuwar of Bhaise Pati. We were talking about job in UN. Mr. prakash Thamsuhang said that the magazine should be registered in his name. I also saw long queue of petrol line on the way. But the days were not going well. The day for assistance is getting worse day by day. Political issues are also getting complex because there are a lot of issues like rights for Women, Dalit, s Janajati, Madhesi, Pahadi.


After very long time, today, I am going to continue writing my diary. Political situation of Nepal is getting worse because there is no sign of development in any level. Terai is going to be worse and Maoist insurgents have started to tress-pass their treaty. The day before yesterday, Maoist militias left their cantonment owing to have no appropriate management in the cantonment. It's despairing that Maoist insurgents bypassed their law and order according to their consensus with seven party alliances. This means that they are not following rules and regulations according to the consensus.
This may be a political trick to divert the mind of the government and the people towards Maoist cantonment rather than the demon station of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum and other revolutionary factions. This is transition period. So, it is not easy to go with several groups like Indigenous Madhesi, Women and so on. Government doesn’t want to form coalition government including Maoist insurgents. Just today, the eight party alliances gave command to election commission. So, the way was clear to conduct the election by mid June. In this period, nobody is powerful. Neither king nor parties. Only powerful are people. India and America want to abrupt peaceful treaty because they like to challenge china through Nepal. China is such a country which has been competing with America in the scenario of worried politics. America and India have cordial relationship due to their similar strategy on Tibetan issue. America can't challenge China without the help of India and Nepal. Therefore, America and India are seeking political vision to challenge China. In this light, we can assume that Nepal's vision is not bright. It has already plunged into mud.

Life is really on the horizontal state. It may go down anytime. I have read news of Iraq; this news is really pathetic that pierces heart. Similar to the situation of India during the period of partition. We can't imagine what'll be next, means a second later. We can easily assume that this kind of political exercise has been started to vex people. I'm dissatisfied with the political and social activities ongoing. The way I walk in is chaotic, disorderly and full of regression. I'm fade up with the happenings in the society. If this situation continues, soon comes the day that every Citizen will sink in the war and atrocities.


As time passed, I did not write my diary for some days. My Country is not in proper state. Today, I got up, and had lunch. In the morning, I went to Social work office, and we decided to resign but still I 'm in dilemma because opportunists are around me, looking for mere opportunity. In course of my service to Society, I never committed mistake as per my effort. Never had I involved in impartial treatments. There were such irregular persons who wanted to take power of committee in their pocket through different means. They were looking for benefit from the Society. Nonetheless, I was compelled to give place for such people by resigning from Society.

Today I attended a program concerning theory of fascism propounded by Desh Subba. I got chance to meet different people, and I heard their ideas. But the program was not satisfactory. I went to college and attended class. Dr. Beerendra Pandey lectured on partition violence, particularly on Saddat Hassan Manto. The lecture was about Manto's partition story "Open It and Cold Meat". Both the stories were pornographic. Then I talked with Shyam Dai from Hong Kong in Telephone. Madhesi Janadhikar Forum had demanded Home minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula's resignation. They had been conducting strikes in Nepal since long.


Today, I was planning to register Magazine, so I went to C.D.O. Office in Kathamandu with Rajan brother. Country is not in proper condition. We were heading towards Kathmandu C.D.O. Office but there were protests on the way of Kupondole. Microbus drivers made such obstacles on the way because Maoists workers had beaten them, one of the driver said and he requested us to return back. There was Microbuses kept on the way. Then we followed another way to C.D.O. Office Kathmandu. We brought form to fill up in order to register Magazine. I have a habit of carrying news paper. I read different kinds of News like Maoist law maker of interim constituent Mr. Lokendra Bista has taken pistol in the house of interim constituent. Terai Janatantrik Right's Forum has rejected to sit in the table of dialogue with the government. Forum leaders had taken stoppage demanding Home Minister Krishana Prasad Sitaula's resignation. They also have demanded to Madhesi aandolan. Therefore, only indigenous federation has taken part in dialogue with government. Nepal Indigenous Federation Nationalities had demanded round table conference national wide. One people died in a clash between Tarai Janadhikar Forum and Maoists. Forum's cadres tried to stop those who were going to take part in Maoist's people's meeting. Mass meeting was being held in Neplgunj. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, the senior leader of Maoist, threatened that Maoist may go back again in the war. Leader Prachanda also said that if somebody wants to hold power instead of them that would be unbearable for them. There was a conflict between Terai Janadhikar Right's forum and Maoists. I was called to participate in a strike on 16th Falgun, 2063. Nepal Banda Program was organized by Nepal indigenous Federation nationalities. I have never heard that Nepalese people are going to punish King Gyanendra. First time in history, council of ministers decided to punish King Gyanendra. The Council formed committee of three members in coordination of Gopal man Sing Shrestha. This is not the fault of council of ministers because the King frequently wanted to give action in speech in the support of his fifteen months government. He never felt guilty of his misdeeds in his life. So, the council of ministers decided to punish him. Every party in the nation is against the King but he's enjoying all the facilities still provided by the government. Iaan Martin, the commissioner of U N M I N decried Maoists since they have not submitted their all weapons. They have submitted very little weapons in comparison to their numbers of army. Desperate enough, there is no good future in Nepal because India and America have already conspired to cause civil war in Nepal. They wanted to turn Nepal like Afghanistan.

On the other side, America is preparing to attack Iran. Irani President Mohammad Ahamdinejad challenged westerners that he would not close his nuclear program. American Deputy President Dick Cheney visited Pakistan and Afganistan. In Afghanistan, All qaida attempted his assassination but failed. Never heard good news. Terai Jahadhikar Forum announced of sanction from 22nd Falgun 2063. This sanction program was targeted to Kathmandu for uncertain period.


Today, I went to participated in two days LAN conference in Maitri Hall in Padma kanya campus. Birendra sir was calling me because the conference was holding on the matter of ethnicity. My choice of thesis was ethnicity therefore I went there though I had no enough money. In the conference, the chief guest was senior culture specialist Satya Mohan Joshi, former president of LAN Durga Prasad bhandari, president of LAN prof. DR Mohan Prasad Lohani, secretary of LAN DR Beerendra Panday delivered welcome speech on the conference. The topic was "New Nepal in the context of the privileging ethnicity in the current era of culture criticism" by Balkrishna Mabuhang CD. P S. T. U Malla K Sundar member of legislative parliament, Pro. DR. Abhi Subedi CDF T. U.

Yesterday, CPN Maoist leader Prachanda said if his party does not get reliable ministry, his party would not participate in the interim government. His party would help government from out side. But Maoists were hesitating to declare date of constituent assembly. Others are delaying to do this. American ambassador was frequently meeting different political leaders. This is a very warm period of forming coalition government including Maoists. Every body talks about inclusion in political activities but the inclusion is not easy as people think. Forming new Nepal is not only a dream like situation. This is a situation of chaos, disorder and deterioration in Nepal. Everything is going improper. We are bearing load shedding 6 hours daily.


Political debate is going on among eight parties. Other parties are unwilling to participate in the government since Maoist supreme leader Prachanda's speech was very controversial. Government blamed that Maoist did not hand over all weapons. As per the number of their army, weapons are not sufficient. Therefore there is suspense of their hiding weapons. Prachanda said that most the weapons were burnt down and swept away in the river but the seven parties Alliance took it as a worthless logic. Prachanda gave mass speech in Pokhara; He said that the royal palace is planning to murder American officials in order to put the blame on Maoist. With this speech, UN and American ambassador became more furious and they asked allegation to Maoists. Maoist handed over some allegations to House of Representatives. Janardhan Sharma, deputy commander handed over CD to the speaker Subash Chandra Nembang. INCD, Paras had collected news of Maoist. Maoist also blamed that prince Paras held meeting with his colleagues to dismiss the election of constituent assembly. American ambassador James F Moriarty said that Maoist supreme leader Prachanda should withdraw back his speech related with palace. UNMIN chief Ian Martin also requested Maoist to handover all weapons.

Nepal never gets peace process because in every field there are bribery and illegal activities. Police administration and government officials have become much corrupted. Because of the political chaos and disorder, everybody is taking advantage. Amidst this agitation, I registered literary newspaper called Srijansil Sahitya. I met DR Lal Rapacha and I requested him to be the advisor of the newspaper. He accepted the request. But prof. Bairagi Kaila rejected our request. He did not believe us at all. I also met with Ishwor kiran Sunuwar (Atit) I requested him to be the legal advisor of srijansil sahitya. He easily accepted my request.


Today, I got up early in the morning at 7: 00 o clock. According to my schedule, I went to Tripadma Vidyasharam Pulchowk Lalitpur to meet my English teacher Tika Timilsina. I talked with him about Srijansil Sahitya Partika. I requested him to deliver opportunity for lecturer in school. He took it positively to my request. Today, the strike started by industrialist or owner of Woodland hotel durbar, MR Hari Shrestha. This promulgated uncertain strike. Nepal has been facing long time effect of political turmoil of transient period. I am really worried about Nepal's future. Eight party alliances are unable to formulate coalition government since long time. Eight party alliances pledged to hold election of constituent assembly within June. But they're still unable to formulate coalition government to hold election of constituent assembly. Among this, eight party alliances have been still facing so many problems- Madhesi Janadhikar forum is going on. There is lack of petroleum product in the capital city. Prime Minister Garcia Prasad Koirala delivered the speech that he's still willing to establish king again. Not Gyanendra and Paras but he would like to establish Hridendra. Is this logical issue? Does it respect the spirit of Janaandolan 2 (second)? This is a direct imposition of Indian interest because Hridendra is a son of Indian mother. Nepal's backwardness is not due to Gyanendra and Paras alone, but it is due to royal institution. Royal institution should be subverted in order to address Nepali people's spirit.


Today, this is time of political agitation. There is not place to stag being Nepali citizen. No one can endure such pathetic condition of Nepal. The day before yesterday, the Gaur incident has taken place. Twenty eight Maoists were killed by Madhesi Janadhikar forum. This is really political tragic situation in Nepal. Maoists are bearing of their disclose. Nepal's political condition is really pathetic in everywhere. Just yesterday, I have attended literary program. Maoist the literary figures were mourning over country's political condition. They were really unhappy about concurrent situation of Nepal. Recent government is irresponsible relating to the Gaur incident because this government has been committed so many great mistakes in order to reinstate the king. Council of ministers also formed by the involvement of royalists the government itself does not want to establish peace and security. This government unable to fulfill demand of Nepali people during the Jana andolan 2 (second). It has already for long time, but government could not prosecute the tress passers (accusers) of Janaandolan 2 (second) the first priority, government should had prosecuted to the former ministers of during royal government. But even government doesn't published Raymajhi Commission's report of Janaandolan 2 (second). Because this government doesn't want to hold election of constituent assembly within June. It wanted to postpone election to reinstate king Gyanendra. Then seven party alliances also failed to form coalition government including Maoist. Seven party alliances is raising issue of Maoist's attitude. They want Maoist should give up all kinds of terrorist activity which is impossible itself. Because terrorist tendency has been established for eleven years, so it's not easy to stop like turning off tube light. S.P.A. demanded that Maoist should avid its old activities. Do S.P.A. stop their old activities? If so, why they are blacking to from coalition government. Why they are breaking commitment with Maoist. This means they are repeating their habits. Otherwise Maoists world hot go to out of tract because of their rude manner and hegemony activities, they were compelled to hold guns. If they question on Maoists old kike attitude, S.P.A. also question on their self old like attitude. Nowadays they want to hold whole dower. They don't go see Maoist's developed activities in Nepali political scenario. Not only S.P.A. but also all international community including India alone with Royalists, they are exercising to fail Maoists. There is great defy in front of Maoist.

But, Maoist has patience and endurance. They are still waiting for government's reaction though they left their colleagues in huge numbers in Gaur. I funeral procession's News of Maoist's 25 dead body hearing such news I was about to cry. I could not stop my sympathetic emotion upon them. Madhesi Forum's leaders are out of contact now. Supreme leaders Baburam and Prachanda demanded to ban Madhesi Forum. They also, demanded for fair investigation of Gaur incident. They also did not miss to their at Madhesi forum for retaliation of the incident. It has been long time petroleum product became scarce because of Janadhikar Forum. Forum is supporting king action. They are working against people of Kathmandu valley not for king. Otherwise why they need back daily used product of ordinary people in. They are heading toward separation of the country. They also are up lifted by Realistic movement.

Maoist are involving in political main stream in order to form new Nepal. But it is not tolerable to the so called big parties. Because those big parties don't want political stability in Nepal. They are seeking for the change to reinstate king. Aware Nepali people are not having such bad thing to become deaf. They are observing political parties activities from the beginning. Rather it would be better if CPA surrender directly and declare themselves of being Royal states. Otherwise Nepali people have been watching such drama from the Janaandolan second. Let's See and think your future. It is time to determine Nepalese people. 


Nation is going toward very disastrous condition. There is no alternative safe to get release. Eight parties' coalition government has demanded strong punishment for those who involved in such crucial violence. Perpetrators should be punished. After the long attempt of Maoist, they involved in government with SPC members of cabinet.

Along with the formation of the government, P.M. G.P. Koirala went to visit India to participate in 17 SAARC summit. In this inaugural function, P.M. gave speech that he has been successful to safeguard democracy in Nepal. But political parties are still in dilemma. They don’t have clear way to walk in gaur carnage that is still troubling thousand minds. 29 Maoist cadres were severely massacred. Madhesi Janadhikar forum has committed such massacre in Nepal. We decry them, those people who involved in this incident. Even during eleven years of people war, such incident didn't happen in its history. Human right commission has pointed this blame on Madhesi Janadhikar forum. There were political parties in mainstream who were leaving way for several years.


Today, I am on preparation for my viva of M.A. thesis. I read my book because I am going to do my thesis on Kim. The social and political phenomenon of my nation is worsening day by day. Home ministry announced the notice for the rebel group to submit their weapons who were illegally hiding them. The seven days deadline has been finished yesterday but none submitted their weapons. Now, the minister for communication, Mr. Krishna Bahadur Mahara has been appointed the speaker of the government. Nepali congress has started its election campaign from Pokhara.

Janadhikar Terai Mukti Morcha Jwala Singh has announced strike in eastern Terai though the SLC exam is going on. A doctor has been abducted for six days with the demand of fifty lakhs from India. In this issue, doctors association started their protest program from today to aware the government.

On the other way, indigenous people also protested against the government because their demand hasn't been fulfilled in interim constituent. So many have been injured in this protest program.There is also a protest program of the gas retailer against ministry for industry. They've vowed to distribute gas from tomorrow.

(The end)


This short daily diary of late Kuldeep, which, himself prepared while he was one of the active staff of UNMIN.


Joint Monitoring coordination committee's member, Ronny person and interpreter Kuldeep Sunuwar visited District police office, Bharatpur, Chitwan, area police station, Tandi and Maoist abductees Birendra Adhikari in Jutpani respectively in the process of investigating the incident that had taken place on 18 May 2007, in which a villager was killed by Maoist drive in the turning point of Basu Brigade MCSZ. In the retaliation, villagers burned down vehicle immediately on the stop.

During the visit, Ronny talked with two inspectors Prakash Malla and Rabindra Bdr. Singh in district police office Bharatpur Chitwan regarding the incident. According to inspector Prakash Malla, there is not any formal application by the killing person's family. After ten days, victim of killing person complaint against perpetrator with formally written application but they did not mention vehicle plate number and vehicle drive. Such kind of formally written complain letter is insufficient to carry out the investigation for police force is force. That is why police force is unable to investigate the case. Killing- burning and abducting is one to one correspond with each other. According to them, there is also unauthorized rumor that victim family has been compensated Rs. 500000(five lakhs only) by the Maoist side. But there is not any formal information to the District police office regarding the incident quoting sub inspector Dhananath luitel, area police station, Tandi, Chitwan.

They also quoted that due to lack of people's confident, they do not complain any thong against Maoist activities but now a days people's confident is increasing day by day. After two days, three people including Santosh Bohora are abducted from their residences. The victims complaint against their abduction and beaten. According to inspectors there is not any law and order regarding abduction whereas in the case of beating, victim should file the case within the thirty five days of incident. Additional ten days can be extended in the special order from the judge who depends upon the condition of the incident.

Police could not proceed ahead any investigation due to lack of sufficient written complaint from the victim.
Source: Mr. Prakash Malla (inspector)
District police office
Bharatpur, Chitwn
Ph. No. 05620177
Mobile no. 9855055567
Mr. Rabindra Bdr. Shing
In the absence of sp- Puskal Regmi and DSP- Mr. Kedar Shing Rathor,
They also informed that police came to know the reality because torched vehicle is taken inside the division and driver as well.


The incident killing and vehicle burning vehicle takes place within an hour while the abduction takes place after two days. That is why three incidents one to one correspondent each other. The same team visited area police station Tandi, Chitwan. During the discussion, newly appointed Sub inspector Raju Sharma and assistant Sub inspector Mohammed Mustafa Khan said that they do not have any kind of record and file regarding the Basu Brigade car burning incident because area police station should forward all incidents to the District police office immediately. But that also depends upon the condition of the case. About 7-8 police personals were there while the incident took place. But they returned back to their area police station without any reaction against ……….


Bibith Bidroha

According to Nepali laws only 25000/- compensation is enough.
He does not want to speak anymore about the cause because they have already agreed with the victims.
The Victim is the martyr's relations.
Local leaders of seven party alliances are presented in the decision about the incident.
He asked why you prick the whole of this incident because the problem is already solved.
He asked the question that did you investigate about Gaur incident and other following incidents.
He repeatedly stresses that I don't need to talk about this case.
His logic was that according to law victim only gets 25000 thousand and we provide five hundred thousand while Nepali law says that after giving 25000 thousand, the driver will be released within thirty five days.
Bibidh did not want to talk either Pasang or the other high level leaders.
While the incident was taking place there was political slogan against Prachanda.


Today, I was really happy that I got chance to play with some of my friends (girls) I really felt that the life is meaningless without sex. As far as my own life is concerned, I have passed so many events having experience with joy and bitter. But between these bitter experience and happy experiences- I enjoy in life I'm proud to have done all hard works in my past life. As life goes on, moments there are that helps me to fly up in climax of extreme happiness, that is mine appointment in UNMIN, the incident I had never felt in my own life . I got chance to meet different kinds of people from different countries among them I found their own dignity as well as identity and their ideas different in the process of working.

First day of my work, I spent time with one of Japanese guy. I was really impressed with his work. His ideas were really respectable as well as creative. He didn't like to do more work than given by others. He is really aware of his own duty. Responsibility is his main goal in his life. But he doesn't like to do more than command. He was police and he was very much dignitary which preserves his identity of nationality. I got chance to learn more and more in my life from him.

In the same manner, I got change to work with one of the European Country's people called Romania. I talked with him about European history as well as Romanian culture. I learned quite more about Romanian culture regarding historical and political system of Romania which was directly related with Turkey. Ottoman was the Tertian emperor which has been ruling Turkey from the very begging. So, Romanians were exploited by Ottoman in the history of Romania. In the beginning, there was no good relation with Russia because Romania was on the side of multiparty democracy. According to constantan Cojo CARU, Romania is a small European country but it is strong in terms of military activities around the Europe. Romania is also very much popular in Tele communication.

Life is very complex and sometimes suffocating. Three is no release of our own boundary, of our culture and religion that is constructed by our society. I met one Zambian guy during my job. He is more intelligent and brilliant and familiar too. We talked about history of African country Zambia. Zambia was colonized by English people for long time. But Zambia got independence in 1964 that is ten years later than India. Before independence, Zambia, Zimbabwe Malawi is a country but British people separated it into three countries when they left Zambia.

During the period of my service in UN, I have met many countries' people. One is Japanese who looks very kind and intelligent; I tried to associate with him because of his good habit. But unfortunately, I could not because he behaved his hard and strict during our work. Among other jobs, I felt, military life is very tough. There is exploitation, domination and suppression. The low rank people have to tolerate a lot of injustices in their life. Anyhow, they have to obey their seniors. In this sense, I have not felt any reality, truth and humanity during my job. Why people now make loud noise about democracy and freedom. Democracy is held by power that is governed by the world's political scenario. As a Nepali people, I 'm undergoing a lot of disturbance even in my own country.

I attempted to close tie with them but they discarded me. My will power has been distorted; my job's position has been lessened. I can't make out why I'm so isolated among people. I tried to find out the solution of my distorted life. I want to introduce with new friends that I am a social server. I want to build cooperation. I want to stay true for all the time. I want to seek justice for every body but finally I did not get justice for myself. In doing so, my life is getting down in this postmodern period. There is no justice and fair look in any work. My reality never expands what I want. Sometime, I got stuck somewhere else in my option.

From Zambian guy, I got one important idea that Nigeria was independent in 1967. From another Nigerian guy said there took place seven military coups in Nigeria. There are lot sources of natural gas, goldmine as well as oil mine. Their king's reign is different from of Nepal. There in Nigeria, they've their own king of their own tribe. They respect their own king. In this discussion, I asked about the income source of Nigerian King. He replied that there is a lot land owned by king and he gets money by renting his own land.

The Zambian guy called Mike said that after the independent of Zambia, there is no single party that struggles for democracy. In the period of 27 years after independence, only a single president has ruled out Zambian people. Actually, it was only transformation of power from external colonization. But after 27 years, Zambian people thought against one party monolithic government by allying several trade organizations into one. Consequently, they achieved their demand and they constructed constitution of the nation. President is chosen after winning polls two times. This system is like that of American in terms of president. All over the world, the common language is English.

2007 Years

Dr. David kennel kunda stated that they've different official language in Zambia from one to another state.
I met one Thai in my work. He was very good and submissive. He said me that Thailand is one of the country with Kingship. In Thailand, the king is very kind and helpful to the people. I did not miss to discuss about sex in Thailand. He said, you need to pay US $50 per night for one lady. He said me that you can get a lot of beautiful Russian girls in Thailand. Thai government has made different area for sex for international costumer. I was expecting more from the UN personnel but I got nothing political more than corruption and exploitation of culture and society.
Once upon a time, I got chance to stay with a Japanese and Russian. Japan and Russia are those countries which have incessant debate over Kurili Island after world war 2 (second). There are around fifty islands in that place. Now, Japan has been claiming for four islands.


Religion is the base of the society to make civilize people, but the person who follows religion by heart is best. There is a comment that when they do not have their own self determination, they rely on God power. So, it can be the fundamental of a society but not everything else.

Western society is a free society but they believe in their own labor. In the rest of the world, they believe on their own and God as well. Western society follows freedom from the beginning, so, they have own superiority complex. That is why, they claim their supreme civilization. 

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